Sock Knitting Workshop - Coming soon
Sock Knitting Workshop - Coming soon

Sock Knitting Workshop - Coming soon

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Why knit your own socks? 

Hand knitted socks are sheer luxury!

Knitting in wool which is antimicrobial will keep your feet smelling nice!

You get to surround your feet in pure hand knitted goodness!

Knitting socks is the perfect skill builder for any knitter!

It is the perfect gift for the person who has everything!

PLUS your friends will be super impressed!

Kate from the @TheHandyKnitter will be your amazing tutor for this class.  Kate will guide you all the way from casting on the first stitch of your sock cuff, navigating through the heel flap and turn, knitting the gusset and instep through to your sock toe and casting off...

This class is designed for intermediate knitters who wish to build their skills.

We have constructed a Making Pack especially for this class.

Get your needles cracking now and book your spot!

*Class limit is 4 participants only.
*Please show your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate at first class.
*Masks are mandatory to attend all workshops at Calico and Ivy.
*Social distancing measures are in place for this workshop.