Saturday Knitting Group

Saturday Knitting Group

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At last!

The best chance for you to sit and unwind after a busy week!   

Kate Dunbar-Tapp, Designer, yarn dyer and knitter extraordinaire will be running this group so buckle up, start the car and come on Saturday's to be a part of this awesome weekend knitting group. 

Coffee, tea and cake is on the cards PLUS we can guarantee some fun and laughter for you. 

Saturday knitting comes to Calico and Ivy only during school terms, with breaks that will coincide with school holidays. 

Hope to see you soon!
Kate and Josie x

Dates:     Begins Saturday 3rd February 2023
Time:       From 2:00 to 4:00pm
Cost:        $25.00

Class information:    This group is designed for knitters who want to knit on their own project in a group environment.  Caters for advanced beginner's through to experienced knitters. 

Note: If you are a beginner knitter, come to our Knitting 101 class.