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Outback Wife, Kirstine Blue

100% Barkcloth, with beautiful blue flowers with gold trim on a blue background.

Each fabric from the Outback Wife range has been designed around rural women in Western Australia.    

This fabric has been named Kirstine and Cathi from Gertrude Made has shared her story below:-


Today, I’m introducing you to Kirstine.

Kirstine not only works tirelessly alongside her husband on their family farm but also works night shifts at a local hospital.

I tip my hat to rural nurses. They are deserving of so much respect and appreciation for their work. They deal with EVERYTHING in the smaller rural hospitals. When there’s no doctor or security onsite, they are often on their own to care for anyone who walks through the door until a tele-doctor and/or the Royal Flying Doctor can be scheduled. Respect.

I could go on and on about Kirstine. She’s one of the hardest working and most genuine and compassionate people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. When she says ‘Hi, how are ya?’, she’s not asking as a rhetorical conversion starter, she genuinely wants to know how you are. This is a woman who has meaningful relationships and makes the conversations she has with people really count.

Oh and she’s also a brilliant cook, seriously, AMAZING.

Anyhoo, please meet Kirstine.



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