ChiaoGoo Twist Red Cable Large

ChiaoGoo Twist Red Cable Large

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Chiaogoo TWIST cables are memory-free which means no more pesky kinks in your knitting needles!

Chiaogoo is the favourite of all the knitters on staff at Calico. Complete converts to the this fabulous brand there are many things to love;
+ lace tips on all the Chiaogoo needles we stock at Calico, meaning they're easy and smooth to work with.
+ memory-free cables (what's not to love about this!?)
+ smooth joins between cables and tips
+ a T-bar with each cable to secure your cables and needle tips for smooth easy knitting.
+ life line holes in the ends of the cables

Interchangeable cables to tip sizes:
Mini cables: 1.5mm - 2.5mm tips
Small cables: 2.75mm - 5mm tips
Large cables: 5.5mm - 10mm tips

*this is cables only, as the tips are interchangeable the tips are sold separately.