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Amigurumi Class: Mr George McPlatypus - 4 weeks, from Monday 15th October to the 5th November 2018.

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures and there is a worldwide craze with these cute little creatures, crocheted with love and precision.   

Our Amigurumi teacher, the talented Heather, has chosen a project from the "Animal friends of Pica Pau" book by Yan Schenkel.  Yan is a professional crochet toy designer from Argentina who has designed many delightful Amigurumi toys.  Three notebooks, two sketchbooks and more than 60 prototypes later, she has published this beautiful book!  You can follow Yan on Insta @picapauyan and find out more about her Amigurumi designs. 

Heather has chosen George McPlatypus, who started his career as a journalist, but his real dream has always been to become a science fiction/fantasy novel writer.  George didn't quit his day job, because he knows being a professional writer is not a walk in the park.  But, he's not giving up on his dream!  Read more about George's life in Yan's book.  He's a real character!  

George will be our first project and our next has already been chosen..... Murray Sea Otter who is from the Bromore Cliffs on Ireland's West Coast.  He is an explorer, conservationist and filmmaker and you will love him too!  If we finish George early, we can start on Murray!    

For this class, you will need to purchase the book from Calico and Ivy, so let us know if you would like us to hold a copy of this book as soon as you can.   

Class dates:  4 weeks from Monday 15th October to 5th November 2018 

Time:             From 9:45am to 12:15pm

Cost:              $120 which includes tuition, beautiful morning tea and plenty of tea and coffee!

You will receive a 10% discount for any purchases for this class made on the day. 

Please  note:  This class is designed for advanced crocheters who are familiar with Amigurumi techniques. 

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(All images are sourced from Animal Friends of Pica Pau)

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