Tim Holtz Fabric Collection


Tim Holtz has been creating for most of his life and loves the process of making, especially by hand.  He is a Freelance Book Designer, Graphic Designer, Fabric Designer and a Signature Product designer for various companies in the craft industry. 

Tim has said that his love for eclectic vintage has inspired his career. His designs are industrial, vintage, distressed and have a depth of design you don't find in other ranges.

We love Tim Holtz here at Calico and Ivy!

This fabric range is one we have seen used by so many Makers that come to our store.  Some of the items we have made with this range have included the Vintage Stars Quilt by Sandra Boyle of Everyday Quilts, The Cuff Top from Assembly Line, The Felicia Pinafore Dress by Tessuti Fabrics and countless other projects. 

23 products

23 products