Xmas Wreath Workshop with Lisa Mattock - Sunday 18th November 2018 - Calicoandivy

Xmas Wreath Workshop with Lisa Mattock - Sunday 18th November 2018

We are delighted to have Lisa Mattock from Forage back again here in Perth to run two very special Xmas Stitching workshops!    

Our second workshop theme is on beautiful "Xmas Wreaths". 

Come and learn how to make these beautiful christmas wreaths. Use your imagination to create your own wreath, using a colour theme that you love.  Be traditional, french or contemporary.  So many choices, but sooo much fun!

We cant wait to start ours!

This workshop will definitely get you in the spirit of christmas!

Fa lalalala lalalalala!

Date:    Sunday 18th November 2018!

Time:    10:00am to 3:00pm

Cost:     $130.00 per person. 

Workshop fee includes tuition, class notes, a goodie bag with an array of reclaimed textiles, threads and embellishments.   Morning and afternoon tea, along with plenty coffee and tea are provided.   

Lunch:  You can purchase your lunch from our beautiful new neighbours, the Lily Bean Cafe.  They are fabulous!

Class info:

*You will need to bring scissors, assorted threads and any special vintage or treasured textiles or embellishments you wish to sew into your work. 

*This is a hand stitching workshop, so you must be able to sew with a needle and thread.

If you have always wanted to re-use old textiles, entwine treasured pieces from the past, mend and use new pieces to create a new piece, then this is the workshop for you.   

Spoil yourself and be a part of this beautiful event.

Josie x


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