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Maker and Smith present Hand & Lock: Level 1 Tambour Beading 3 day Workshop - 10th to 12th August 2019

We are so ecstatic to welcome @Maker_and_smith and @handandlocklondon to Calico and Ivy.    Hand & Lock will be running a series of workshops at Calico and Ivy as well as Midland Junction Arts Centre.   

Bookings for this workshop are made through Maker and Smith directly.  Click HERE now to secure your place.   Time is of the essence to book your place quickly.

These workshops are a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from Justine Bonefant from Hand & Lock, who is a specialist in hand embroidery techniques.  She has worked in training and research, with luxury brands as well as experimenting with her own work.

Workshop details are as follows:

COUTURE EMBROIDERY WORKSHOP: Tambour Beading Level 1 (3 day workshop)

Dates:  Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th and Monday 12th August 2019

Time:  10:00am to 4:30pm each day

Tambour Beading is also known as Lunéville or Crochet de Lunéville is a French Haute Couture technique where beads or sequins are attached to fabric - adding instant glamour and dazzle. The fast and effective technique uses a special hook which works through a fabric, stretched tight as a drum

Over the long weekend students will have the time to take their new found passion to a level of skill not easily attained in the shorter workshops. From creating a design, gaining proficiency in working the specialised tambour hook to learning the more advanced Vermicelli technique.


  • Introduction to Hand & Lock
  • Set up a full size frame
  • Learn the chain stitch as well as becoming comfortable with the tambour hook on plain opaque fabric


  • Learn how to add beads to threads and attach to fabric using the chain stitch
  • Learn how to attach sequins.

Day 3

  • Move onto larger more complex design
  • Learn the Vermicelli technique.

The Workshop Fee includes:

  • Tuition with expert teacher who has travelled especially from London
  • The appropriate equipment and materials to complete the class. Includes base fabric for your embroidery, hand frame, tambour hook, threads, beads. (RRP value of $80)
  • Instruction pack
  • Hand & Lock Certificate
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea

The Workshop Fee does not include:

  • Your lunch (please bring your own lunch or purchase nearby.)
  • Parking

Regular $635pp inc GST + Eventbrite booking fees


If you require further information on this workshop, please contact Maker and Smith directly.   Website contact:

Source:  Photo credit for pics from Hand & Lock.

Type: Classes

Vendor: Calico and Ivy

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