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Clare Devine Workshop: Perfect Heels and Toes, Sunday 28th October

Love knitting socks but not always happy with the fit?

This class with the talented Clare Devine is the perfect introduction to some of the more technical aspects of sock knitting, allowing you to knit “off piste” a little and adjust sock patterns to suit your foot shape, rather than knitting something you love the look of and hoping that it fits.

The class contains a mixture of technical information, practical hands on measuring and knitting time to explore the shaping of heels and toes. Clare will also provide you with a comprehensive handout that contains many heel and toe options that you can use to adjust patterns to suit your foot shape.

Date:   Sunday 28th October 2018

Time:   From 09:30am to 12:30pm

Cost:   $80.00 which includes full tuition, handouts, morning tea and plenty of tea and coffee!

Learn more about Clare Devine here!

Skills focus in class:
*Understanding the shaping of heels and toes and how these elements correlate to fit
*Adjusting existing shapes to suit foot shape
*Understanding heel construction – top down and toe up options, including heel flap, short rows and other heel turn varieties
*Toe shaping – including how to map out anatomically correct toes to match you own foot.

Skills needed:
*Ability to knit in the round
*Basic knowledge of sock construction (you need to have knitted at least one pair of socks to benefit from taking this class)

Approximate level:  Advanced beginner / intermediate and above.

Materials to Bring:
*About 50g of DK wool to knit samples.
(I would recommend selecting something that has a high wool content, is light in colour, tightly spun and smooth. This makes it easiest to read your knitting and see what is happening.)
*3.5mm needles suitable for knitting in the round.
*Stitch markers. Lockable stitch markers in different colours.
*Darning needle / tapestry needle for Kitchener Stitch.
*Tape Measure

Homework:  None

For more information on classes at Calico and Ivy, please refer to our Class Policies here.

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