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Term 2 Class Newsletter 2017

Posted on May 08, 2017 by Josie Parnell

Hi everyone, 

Our next term has arrived and over May and June, we have some great workshops for you to attend.  Click on the link below to view our latest Newsletter:

Term 2 Class Newsletter

In quilt making, we have a Beginner's Quilt class run by Elissa on a Wednesday morning and an evening class run by Josie on a Monday evening.  

In addition to this, we are so lucky to have Sandra Boyle visiting us in June.     This is truly one event that you wont want to miss.    Sandra is a very talented quilt maker based in Melbourne, who specialises in scrappy quilts that have that special vintage feel about them.  She has been teaching for many years at Amitie, Treehouse Textiles, Millrose Cottage and Cutting Cloth to name a few.  Her workshop will be on her Carousel quilt. You can follow Sandra on Instagram @everyday_quilts 

In knitting, we have a Wednesday Beginner's knitting class run by Canadian Kate and two specialist knitting 'Skills' classes on Socks and Brioche stitch.    There is nothing like hand knitted socks and although so small, they make the best gift! (for those who have everything....)   Brioche stitch is taking over the world, attributed to the fact that the wonderful Stephen West is producing these amazing shawls!  So pop on down and line up to be a part of this amazing skills session with Kate. 

On the knitting front, we are lucky to have Sharon Bartsch returning to Perth to teach Lace Knitting.   She has chosen three Dee O'Keefe designs to teach which are all beautiful pieces.     She will be running three separate classes, each over 2 nights and will be available in store on Saturday 13th to answer any queries or to review your work.   She's a treasure!

Our beautiful and patient Crochet Teacher, Marnie is back again (yahoo!) and she will be running Beginnner's Crochet on a Saturday.    We are looking into running an Intermediate class and will post details as soon as that is organised.

As usual, we have so many wonderful things to share with you all and will be running Pop-up Workshops in addition to our Term 2 classes.  These will be posted on Instagram and by group email, so keep a look out!

Love Josie x